John Lennon - Sean's "In The Sky" lyrics

"Daddy, when did we have no house?"
"When, when did we have no house, and we rented this house?"
"In 1973, we didn't have this house, yet. That's when we bought this house."
"Two years before you were born."
"Oh, and I just wasn't coming with you to find this house?"
"No, well, you weren't born yet. You were still in the sky."
"Oh, and when I came back down here, what did I went in?"
"A little, a little cardboard box with a little blanket in it. Little teeny tiny, teeny tiny little Sean in a little tiny cardboard box that used to have apples in it. Hmm. You used to do this here."
"I never heard of a apple box!"
"Well, a little cardboard box like that, you see, like they bring groceries in, only it
was you instead of the groceries."