John Kay - To be alive lyrics

I don't know why you moan and pout
All the world lies at your feet
Like a child you sit and wonder, who's to blame for your defeat
I have tried to give you comfort
I have lent you a patient ear
Had I known why you're complaining, I'd have shown you trouble and fear

Gonna take you to the cliff side on a mountain so high
That when you look down, lord you'll shake and tremble
Afraid to die, afraid to die
Gonna send you the devil when your nightmares arrive
Then when you wake up, lord you'll feel glad to be alive, to be alive

I can tell you're still wasting time
Feeling sorry for yourself
Look around, there's a world full of hurt
Stop sniveling now, get a hold of yourself
I have tried to give you comfort, I have lend you my ears again
But now I know what you're bewailing and I will show you sorrow and pain

Gonna take you to the graveyard of shattered lives and broken dreams
Where death and danger lurk in every shadow and hope is seldom seen
Gonna show you the playground of misery and despair
That you might touch a helpless hand with some compassion
And learn to care, yes learn to care

I have shown you tears and sorrow from the dark, sad side of life
Thank your starts for what you've been given
Now grumble no more, get on with your life
Be on your way, start living your life