John Kay - Don't Waste My Time lyrics

I was waitin' for my coffee pot
When I heard the damn thing explode
Well I called the manufacturer
But he just put me on hold
Sure enough, he put me on ignore
By the time I got to state my case
You know I forgot what I was callin' for

I been waitin' in a traffic jam, I been waitin' for a parkin' space
Now I'm waitin' in the dentist chair just to see someone's face
Man I don't know just what is worse
Waitin' for a root canal
Or then to wait in line to pay the nurse

I just hate to wait so don't you waste my time
Don't you show up late and think that I don't mind
If you want to waste your life I don't care, just don't waste mine

Now I'm waitin' for some better times, yes I'm waitin' for the day to come
When I can get an honest answer from anyone in Washington
When uncle Sam will play it straight and mother justice will be blind
But I won't be betting on it, I may be crazy but I haven't lost my mind