John Fleagle - Alysoun lyrics

An hendy hap ichabbe yhent;
Ichot, from hevene it is me sent;
From alle wymmen mi loue is lent,
And lyght on Alysoun.

Bytuen[.e] Mersh and Averil,
When spray biginneth to spring[.e],
The lutel foul hath hir[.e] wyl
On hyr[.e] lud to syng[.e].
Ich libbe in love longing[.e]
For semlokest of all[.e] thing[.e].
He may me bliss[.e] bring[.e];
Icham in hire baundoun.

Niht[.e]s when y wende and wak[.e],
Forthi myn wong[.e]s waxeth won;
Levedi, al for thin[.e] sak[.e]
Longinge is ylent me on.
In world nis non so wyter mon,
That al hire bounté tell[.e] con.
Hire swyre is whittore then the swon,
And feyrest may in toune.

Icham for wowyng al forwake,
Wery so water in wor[.e].
Lest eny rev[.e] me my mak[.e],
Ychabbe y-yern[.e]d yor[.e].
Betere is tholien whyl[.e] sor[.e]
Then mournen evermor[.e].
Geynest under gor[.e],
Herkn[.e] to my roun.