John Elefante - Hello My Good Friend lyrics

Hello, my good friend,
How have you been doing since I've gone?
Have you shared the love I gave you?
Have you shown the world the Truth of who I am?
So let your love be true
Till I come back to you

I can't seem to get through to you any more
But I know lately I've been on your mind
Oh, I set you free
Hoping you'd come back to me
So I call on you once more
Like so many times before
Just listen to my voice inside your heart


You said you don't need me, that you'll be all right on your own
Now you live like a prisoner, serving your time all alone
But I can make you loving
I can make you believe also
So come back to me
Let me show you the way
And I take you to Paradise
Just listen to my voice inside your heart


And what kind of friend would I be, if I didn't tell you honestly
Even though you have let me down
I will still love you faithfully
And even in your darkest hour
I'll be with you, I'll be with you
I'll be with you
I'll be with you


Hello, my good friend
I want to let you know I'll be back soon
So share the love I gave you
And tell the world the truth of who I am
And let your love stay true
'cause I'm coming back for you

And my love never dies
And my love never dies
Oh, the love that I give to you
You never die