Joey Fatts - Stevie World (2015)

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Joey Fatts - Stevie World lyrics

Now you’re free
And the world has come to see
How far and beautiful you are

I was sleeping in my car
You came and got me out
Gave me a card and moved me up inside a rocky house when times got hard
I hit you but you wouldn’t talk about it
Now you gonna think that I can go without it
So I’m gonna smoke about
Thinkin’ about them times in London
I went from heaven, to UK clubbin’
Went to havin’ hoes frontin’ to the nigga they fuckin’
Because of you, you say it’s nothin’,
’cause that’s the shit that you do
You my nigga forever,
Never will I forget you
When I was out here in the streets,
You made me get it together
Right, no niggaz would be here
You said my nigga be clever
Get money and make them thing you made a deal with the devil
Don‘t act just to get on your level
This chick got me fucked up
Man I miss my nigga
I was supposed to count a million with my nigga

Now you’re free
And the world has come to see
Just how far and beautiful you are