Joey Bada$$ - Daily Routine (2012)

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Joey Bada$$ - Daily Routine lyrics

[Verse 1]
From the block to the top
Budha baggies in a sock
Only thing that changed now
Is we ain’t runnin' out of stock
Use to beg mom (?) for lunch money
Honies used to run from me
When pockets was dust bunnies
Now what’s funny
Is when done came up and conquered
Even the future lookin' bonkers from Compton to Yonkers
Though them gangstas grill
I tell ‘em keep that drama away
Don’t fuck wit thieves
I like Jay so who sponsorin’ the tape
They launchin' out straights
I’m tryin' not to get sprayed
Wheter it’s spitter or a quiter behind the trigger
Approachin' his prey his eyes bigger
Won’t stop to consider what’s right or wrong
Because it’s hard liquor that’s inside his liver

[Hook x2]
But that’s just daily routine
The streets is couped fiends
Whether the hoops or the booth
Niggas shoot dreams
Better choose the right scheme
Cause you can think you cool wit yo nice things
Get wiped cleaned for ice cream when the light speed

[Verse 2]
Traded in my Nikes for a new mic
I guess it’s safe to say
He sold soles for his new life
Like they were tryna blind us
But we know the true designer