Joes Bad Day - Be Like You lyrics

She always stays home Cause she's not alone In her world that she's created. She loves to be with friends But what's the point? Basically She's everything That I want and strive to try to be. She fills that empty space Inside of me. CHORUS: Well I never want to go this time, Right here. I can be so proud. Oh, can be so loud When you know that everybody hates you You can understand Playing in a band And wanting to be like you I don't know when I'm coming back. It may take a little while. I don't see how I can come back For you break me with just a smile. But when I do Finally return I promise you for many days I will take care of you When you're sick And I'll kill you if you complain. CHORUS Well you that I'd never hurt you But you're driving me insane. Well I sleep All day long now And get excited when it rains. CHORUS