Joell Ortiz - Love Story (feat. Masspike Miles) (2011)

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Joell Ortiz - Love Story (feat. Masspike Miles) lyrics

Check, got me ready to stop looking
I don’t found it all on a back block in Brooklyn
In front of line in .. she cookin I ... round
She laugh and say I need help with these bags
Say no more I grabbed up like one I could grab
Exchange names and picked it on a way that ..
Made a confy enough to tell me all the pain that she has
Single more baby pop chasing the cash
They ran up in spot in Va with the mess
.. on a date that he pass say kids and have a ..with the ..
So damn all day that I’ve had in the .. and at night
The tears have a faith taking the bath
you got all the stuff said
I would love to make you smile he’s a number of ..

Yeah ‘cause once upon a time in
Can I one who show me with you love like ..
Is a story and don’t’ matter if they get it
Every chat that I let you know if you with it
from beginning to the end of love story remember.

So I got this .. cup from the night I’m in the north side sipping it up
I give a phone call private I aint’ picking this up
I ignore when I finish kicking with this slut
And my phone rang again I started to press no
Some told not to so I pressed yes: Hello
That’s when the softest voice chills up my spun
hey you what’s up you just came across my mind
came across your mind you aint’ never ..
I should have trapped the one .. on the ..
Anyway what’s up it’s only half past nine
get dressed I come get you let’s do a g;ass of wine
she said I love you but I can’t find the ..
.. wine I’s rather do with liquor
What’s up do you ate I got your name bricking on the ..
That’s what I told girl I got escaped.


So that when recorded the plan
No I don’t kiss .. I’m a grown ass man ..
Just know that I’m together .. and she smell
..and my sons playin together
when they think about their dad ..feel better
my boy in school now she got a vision like me
I’ma get a platinum she will get a degree
We will do this for team work ain’t no .. we in neck
When I storm at the door she know that I’ll be back
we gonna get this crispy like a giant’s hat
That’s my baby girl and I do know we’re living in a crazy world
But we cock every challenge she the queen of my palace
We argue we never balance she ever gonna balance I’ma catch her