Joel Plaskett - You Came Along lyrics

True love is sharper than stones and sticks
Louder than bombs and clocks that tick
I feel as deep as the ocean blue
When I'm standing here with you
And the world keeps spinning faster
What am I to do in the face of a disaster?
I've been here before but I don't know what comes after
The night's a lonely place to be
When the lights go out I want you here with me

When I could not trust myself
I put my trust in someone else
But she led me astray and then she went away
All my lessons learned after all my bridges burned
Everything felt wrong until you came along

It's quicker than sand
It's thicker than blood
It's like the slight of the hand
The stick in the mud
It's as deep as the ocean blue
What am I supposed to do when all the fire's gone?
How do you want me to play along?
I know it's true
Somewhere we went wrong
The night's a lonely place to be
When the light's go out
I want some company