Joel Plaskett - Down At The Khyber lyrics

I've been away and I've been travelin'
I've been lost, I've fucked around
And like a heavy run rounder (?)
Through open fields and prairie towns

I got sick, and I got sicker
And I spent a month in bed
Until the visions came to me quicker
I saw ghosts and I saw land
I saw ghosts and I saw land

Am I still alive where did I collapse?
In Edmonton Alberta or home in Halifax
Float me down the river to the Musquedobit harbor
Because I'm getting nowhere

I met my love down at the Khyber
And we drifted throughout the crowd
And when I finally lay beside her
Oh you could hear my heart out loud
And when I'm gone she'll never leave me
No no she'll never be untrue
But if you do not believe me
You don't believe the sky is blue
You don't believe the sky is blue


And if it feels just like a toss off
Perhaps it is perhaps it ain't
Do you remember at the sock hop?
Did I dance or did I faint (4x)