Joel Arant - Go-Between lyrics

In a motel room while the sun is sinking
When you're all alone if you should start to thinking
About the way it goes and the way it's settin'
And how it's going and will soon be getting
In a small dark room

When you're afraid you know with what you are dealing
And if should start to grow a far, far, far away feeling
And if you go but there's nowhere you've gone to
'cause letting go is just not holding on to
If you're afraid you know

You'll rinse your glass and leave your platter clean
I'll watch you slip away across a great ravine
You'll turn the key and light the gasoline
When all you want to be is a go-between

Now I don't mind being your demon
Or your deity just as long as you're dreaming
'cause no matter just how lightly you're weighted
There's going to be some ice too thin to be skated
And I won't mind

I'll turn the key and light the gasoline
I'll rinse my glass and leave my platter clean
So put another hole in the canteen
When all I want to be is a go-between

I can't connect so I keep on dialing
I call your name and I wake up smiling
I can't forget the site of you glowing
You showed them all what I'd been knowing
And I can't forget

I can see you poised above the trampoline
Standing like a statue now you're part of the machine
You've rinsed your glass and left your platter clean
Now that all you want to be is a go-between