Joe Yoga - What Life Feels Like lyrics

That's not sand in your eyes
It's not love, It's not lies
It's not underneath your skin
But still it made it in

It's not shortness of breath,
That's no tightness in your chest
It's not sickness not time for rest
It's not even the end of the night

It's what life feels like

Where's the wind at your back?
Where's the love, where's the slack?
When you need it the heart attack?
Did you think I could do without that

It's what life feels like

You think how can I be bored
You got your shit turned on like never before
You're going to go to war
It's going to be all right

You are under attack
There are eyes watching your back
You think you think you think you think
You are right you are right

It's what life feels like