Joe Yoga - Burning Yr Bridges lyrics

All the weirdos with their groceries
Let you know
All the charts on all the TVs
Let you know
All the smokin all the slow sleep
Dries your nose

And all my holes are full of shoes so let it snow
All your friends they got the flu
So it goes
All my friends all caught the muse
Split for the west coast
Me I got the booze
So what did I lose?

All the bitchin all the coffee
Lets you know
All the paranoid dreams
And flight of thought
Either way it's a relief if you really wanna know

If you see me staid, say hello
And all the gaps in all the days take their toll
I would really love to stay but Well, you know
All the baggage I must move
To get on the couch with you

When I'm on the couch with you
Makin out
It's distracting but it's true
What was it we were just talkin about
I was alive for a minute there wasn't I?
Wasn't I?
Wasn't I?