Joe - What If A Woman (Remix) lyrics

(Mr. Cheeks)
It's official AllStar yo c'mon what

Remix, situation man it's goin down
You got that Mr. Cheeks (also) also goin down
And this here's for, all of those who
Act silly, got a chick that really knows you
Now what if the show was on the other foot you know
Would you stick by your chick or would ya go
What if a chick did the same thing a fella did
Do you think she'd tell you, or would you tell a girl

It's bout 2 in the mornin' dun
You dont know where your girl's at
Hit her 2-way and her celly dun
But she don't hit you (back back) back
Used to be the man, makin' all the plans
But you ain't the pimp no more
While you were sneakin' out the front door
She was sneakin' out the back door, what

Think about it, how would you feel
If you found out, she wasn't real
She's only there, for the money
So what would you do, what would you say
What if a woman

What if a woman, turn the tables on you
(What what) What if a woman, was out with someone new
(What) What if a woman,
What if a woman, (what if, what if, what if, what if)


What if a girl was to make look like a fool in front of your friends
Everybody knows she gets around but you pre...... pretend
Used to be a siant, but the girl has changed
She's not the same no more
While you be sneakin' out the front door
She'll be sneakin' out the back door



(Mr. Cheeks)
Ay yo
I guess I wasn't on my job like I thought I was
It gets deep, from the streets, I got the buzz right
And tellin' me my shorty's up and in and outta whips
With other men, love makin' even takin' trips
I'm outta town thinkin' shorty's holdin' me down
I call the crib, she's no where to be found right
She ain't returnin' my pages, I'm gettin heated
Is she Gettin me back from the way that she's been treated
Slidin' out the back door, steady tellin' lies
Comin' back around 4, now I'm smellin' Gus cologne
Yo' shorty what's goin' on
If the thing that we had is no longer, I'm gone
I used to be the man, I guess she got another one
The thing we had before this is now done
Devilish smile, in the bed she gets wild
How come my shorty turned the tables man
This sh*t's foul


What if a woman, was just like you
Start messin around, what would you do