Joe Purdy - Strangers lyrics

Well I haven't got all the words down yet,
So I'll give you the ones,
That I don't forget,
And you took me back,
But I must admit,
Where'd you come from?
And where are you goin'?

And you were the one for me last night,
When the whiskey was gone,
And the glasses dry,
And you sat at my table,
And we talked for a while,
And I knew you,
Though I'd never known you.

I'll sing you a song if you want me to,
And the verses aren't quite on,
But the words are true,
And I mean you no harm,
You might think I do,
How I wish,
You would change your mind.

We sat in the back of a smoke filled room,
And the piano,
She played a worn out tune,
And you wispered to me,
That you'd be leaving soon,
When I turned to answer,
You were gone.