Joe - Majic lyrics (Chinese translation). | It was a beautiful day
, A day for so much fun
, I had my white T on
, Had on my new Air Ones
, I...
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Joe - Majic (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: It was a beautiful day
ZH: 这是美好的一天

EN: A day for so much fun
ZH: 很开心的一天

EN: I had my white T on
ZH: 对了我白 T

EN: Had on my new Air Ones
ZH: 我新的空气的了

EN: I was gonna pull out the coupe and drop the top
ZH: 我本来想拉出小轿车并除去顶部

EN: I was gonna ride around and hug the block
ZH: 我本来想骑在附近和拥抱块

EN: Then she called and said I'm on my way
ZH: 然后她叫,说: 我在路上

EN: I got a few hours, I might as well as stay
ZH: 我有几个小时,我可能会和住宿

EN: Now I'm gonna lay back and watch her drop her top
ZH: 现在躺着看她放弃她顶她

EN: Now I'm gonna record the s--t rewind and watch
ZH: 现在来记录 s — t 倒带和手表

EN: Ooh ooh ooh ooh now after 2 hours of footage
ZH: 现在后 2 小时的片子缕

EN: Ooh ooh ooh ooh her body couldn't continue to do it
ZH: 哦哦哦哦她的身体不能继续这样做

EN: Ooh ooh ooh ooh she looks at me and says please don't go nowhere
ZH: 缕她看着我,说: 你别走无处可

EN: Give me a second to breathe
ZH: 给我第二次呼吸

ZH: 合唱:

EN: It must be magic
ZH: 它必须是魔术

EN: She loves the way I give her the magic
ZH: 她很喜欢我给她神奇的方式

EN: She wants a sugar daddy
ZH: 她想要一个糖爸爸

EN: She wants me to keep giving her the magic
ZH: 她想让我继续保持给她的魔法

EN: She loves it cause I can do it all
ZH: 她爱它,因为所有就能做到

EN: (Repeat again)
ZH: (再重复一遍)

EN: Why she show up at my door like this
ZH: 她为什么在我家门口像这样显示

EN: She got me feeling like a bad wish
ZH: 她让我感觉就像一个坏的愿望

EN: Yall already know what this is
ZH: 馀已经知道这是什么

EN: Girl it's magical
ZH: 女孩是神奇

EN: Her body screaming tear it up
ZH: 她尖叫的身体撕裂了它

EN: And them knocks look like buttercups
ZH: 他们敲门看起来像毛茛属植物

EN: Now its time that I lay you down
ZH: 现在它我放下你的时间

EN: And take you to the third round
ZH: 把你带到第三回合

EN: And you been waiting all day
ZH: 你已等了一天

EN: Or you just missing me
ZH: 或你只失踪我

EN: Don't worry girl I ain't going nowhere
ZH: 别担心我不无路可走的女孩

EN: I'm right where I wanna be
ZH: 我是对我想去的地方

EN: Repeat Chorus
ZH: 重复合唱

EN: I'll have yo calling my name
ZH: 我会让你叫我的名字

EN: Backing it up and gripping the bed frame
ZH: 它备份和扣人心弦床框架

EN: Can't wait to get inside ya
ZH: 等不及要进去震遐

EN: I'm getting so excited
ZH: 我是这么兴奋

EN: See I you don't think yall know my name
ZH: 看看我你不觉得馀知道我的名字

EN: I can make sick loving like David Blain
ZH: 可以恶心爱像大卫布莱恩

EN: I'll having yo ass going insane
ZH: 我会有哟会疯狂的屁股

EN: Doing shit you ain't did with yo man
ZH: 屁你不做了与哟人

EN: Repeat chorus
ZH: 重复合唱