Joe Burke, Stephen Cooney, and Carl Corcoran - The Maid On The Mountain lyrics

One morning as I walked through fields and fine forests,
I saw far above a maid on the mountain
She was stepping lightly like leaves fall in autumn
I thought if I could reach her my heart would be as light as
The bird singing there by the side of that wild mountain stream.

If I had the wings or the heart of that starling,
Upwards I would fly to the arms of my darling.
She would look upon me kindly and sweetly,
I’d guard her forever from wintering winds
And dangers that lurks by the side of that wild mountain stream.

But I was too free with all of the women,
And drink it was my friend on every occasion,
Her father he wants for riches and plenty,
And the man who could endow them with name and fortune,
Where all that I possess is my love for that wild mountain maid.

And now that I am old and my bones they are weary,
Time after time, I return to that clearing,
With sadness in my heart, I search through the forest
Ever mindful of seeing the sign or the sight of that
Fair young maid by the side of that wild mountain stream.

lyrics by Al O'Donnell, tune based on the "Munster Cloak".