Joe Budden - Unthinkable (Freestyle) (2010)

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Joe Budden - Unthinkable (Freestyle) lyrics

Check me out now
Look, shout to all my fans
Glad I can inspire y'all
Got a couple of haters
Still trying to acquire more
aint gotta be abrupt
I tell them like I tell my girl
u doin' a great job
Now keep it up
And I promise I'll take you higher than you've ever seen 40 milligram flow
Chase by promethazine
lack of competitors
yappin bout etc.
Can't tell if I'm listening or rappers or treasurers
And as a poet that I feel like And as a poet I feel like I owe it not to go astray
So everything inside me Genuine, no Sole
Gotta blame it on my upbringing
It goes back to when Tyrese was on the bus singing
Yeah I guess that's why shorties attracted to me
Self made style the label ain't attach it to me
Aside from when she comes through I get her ribs in order
And the neighbors would know my name if the crib was smaller
But no groupies, them walls is windows, the Basement is the movies
Pool by the Jacuzzi, the hallways echo, the closet is a Bedroom
The Sauna fits five comfortably, plenty leg room
Like the La Matouge, car wash in the garage
She from the Projects so she thinks its a mirage
Told her i got my own Concierge
She was more impressed that she could do her laundry here
But all I'm tryin to do is bust her (Busta), Flipmode
Problem is, I think she seen too many flicks though
She said she'd only be impressed by a diamond ring
Or if I had a Hot Tub, that's a time machine
These bloggers'll have you thinkin' that I'm abnormal
So when you read it you can't say that I ain't try to warn you
I respond so mature, so unlike Joe
What they write though is all wrong just a typo
I just learned to be alone without an Iso
All a nigga gotta do is take the high road
Two words for my enemies; Die slow
Full time Pyro could do this with my eyes closed
They say you doing something wrong if all the critics love you
For some its a career, for some its just a hustle
Me, all i do is win, that begins
With not rocking my Lebrons unless the nigga got a triple double
Before you rap dudes, put me in ya verse
Assess your situation, picture it being worse
You askin' to get fucked, how could you not assume
It's like inviting Ricky Martin in a locker room
Hip-Hop just a journey
Most number one seeds got clipped just like the tourney
If it don't involve myself, then it really don't concern me