Joe Budden - Quality Of Life lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Joe Budden]
, Some niggas drink away the pain
, I think of ways to gain
, And it happens so...
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Joe Budden - Quality Of Life (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Joe Budden]
ZH: [乔士]

EN: Some niggas drink away the pain
ZH: 一些黑人喝掉痛苦

EN: I think of ways to gain
ZH: 我觉得的增益的方法

EN: And it happens so naturally you think it’s pre-ordained
ZH: 它发生如此自然地你认为它钦点

EN: Straight? escape from that ball and chain
ZH: 直吗?从那球和链逃脱

EN: Can’t tell if I was in it for the long hall of fame wait
ZH: 不能说是否我当时在它的长名人堂等待

EN: I’m laying low on the Island
ZH: 我在岛上躺在低

EN: Been learnt that saying no is a talent
ZH: 已学会说不是一种天分

EN: Niggas want beef but keeping up is a challenge
ZH: 黑鬼想要牛肉,但坚持是一种挑战

EN: Can’t tell if I’m tryna get even or find a balance
ZH: 不能说是否我委屈得甚至或找到一种平衡

EN: But I’m much closer I won’t front
ZH: 但我更接近我不会前面

EN: Hoes love it, so so yet he’s so blunt
ZH: 锄头爱它,所以他还如此直白

EN: A charming asshole, want him all the same
ZH: 一个迷人的混蛋,他都要同一

EN: Tell him I feel the ice as its forming in my veins
ZH: 告诉他我觉得作为其在我的血管中形成冰

EN: Chasing the high so much that we both hurting
ZH: 追高这么多,我们都受到伤害

EN: To the point it aint even about the other person
ZH: 到点它既不是甚至关于其他人

EN: So we’re even, I’m in love with her ray and her pussy
ZH: 所以我们扯平,我爱上了她雷和她的猫

EN: And she in love with the idea of what I could be
ZH: 和她爱上的什么能想法

EN: On top of the world but it’s higher to fall
ZH: 但这世界是较高,以秋天

EN: Whats the point in dreaming big if you acquired it all
ZH: 在伟大的梦想如果您获取了它所有的点是什么

EN: But if lyricism is back, I helped it spearhead
ZH: 但如果抒情回来,我帮它带头

EN: If we order ? make mine a year ahead
ZH: 如果我们的订单吗?让我提前一年

EN: I skip the club line and don’t get turned around
ZH: 我跳过俱乐部线并不回头

EN: For girls come at a high volume I don’t turn them down
ZH: 为女孩子们在高音量不会他们拒绝

EN: No pregnant hoes and no minors
ZH: 没有怀孕的锄头和没有未成年人

EN: 81 bars with Em as a co-signer
ZH: 81 酒吧与 Em 作为共同签字人

EN: I fill the counter up without checking the cost yet
ZH: 不检查费用尚未满柜台

EN: I ain’t rich my nigga but check the way I offset
ZH: 我不是富我黑鬼但是要检查一下我抵消的方式

EN: Don’t get confused by the Bentleys and the Corvettes
ZH: 别犯糊涂的截然和护卫舰

EN: Got stories from my hood that’ll rival those of war vets
ZH: 从我会媲美的战争老兵的敞篷有故事

EN: Jersey city helped ‘im mould to what I amounted to
ZH: 泽西市帮助他到模具我共计

EN: My only beef is that they don’t hold itself accoutanble so
ZH: 我唯一不满的是他们不那么举行自己的 accoutanble

EN: A few resent me, but I’m cool with it
ZH: 几个在怨恨我,但我很酷与它

EN: They handed me the city before I knew what to do with it
ZH: 他们递给我城市之前我就知道拿它怎么办

EN: This last chick that I put under the wing
ZH: 这最后一只小鸡,我放在翅膀下

EN: Has taught me the younger the age, the younger she think
ZH: 教会了我年轻的时代,她觉得越年轻

EN: I mean she shaped like a Stallion with bomb sex but don’t understand me
ZH: 她与炸弹异性的形状像一匹种马的意思,但不了解我

EN: when I’m trying not to be complex
ZH: 当我想不会很复杂

EN: Done raising my voice, I aint with it
ZH: 做提高我的声音,我不是用它

EN: Whats the point of arguing if she aint gonna get it
ZH: 什么是点的争论如果她不是要得到它

EN: Plus my future’s now, her’s is down the pipline
ZH: 再加上我的未来现在,她的是管道上下来

EN: And thats the difference between a good time and a lifetime
ZH: 这就是很好的时间和使用寿命之间的区别

EN: But my current situation
ZH: 但我现在的状况

EN: is I keep meeting chicks that need a way outta their current situation
ZH: 我把需要离开其目前的状况的一种方式的会议小鸡

EN: Some cool, some silly, some serious
ZH: 一些愚蠢的一些很酷、 很严重

EN: They tryna come up, I’m tryna cum period
ZH: 他们委屈上来,我期暨最潇洒

EN: Nah, I don’t do the pick up lines
ZH: 不,我不做线接

EN: I give her the number to the chauffer with a pick up time
ZH: 我给她数与时间接车夫

EN: One week and it’s Vegas, the next week it’s ?
ZH: 一个星期和它的拉斯维加斯、 下一周是吗?

EN: Hard to love a dude from ? when it come with that many perks
ZH: 难爱从一个花花公子吗?当它来与那许多特殊津贴

EN: I need a sign she attracted to more than designer fabrics
ZH: 我需要她吸引到多个设计器织物标志

EN: If by chance I’m passed my prime I’m tryna lap it
ZH: 如果偶然我通过我我总理最潇洒圈它

EN: Too many checks to deposit
ZH: 太多的检查,以存款

EN: Smoke too many bones, no skeletons in my closet
ZH: 抽烟太多骨头,没有在我的衣橱里的骷髅

EN: We’re talking rap off the work that I got
ZH: 我们谈论 rap 掉我的工作

EN: If I aint crack your top 10 you should reserve me a spot
ZH: 如果我冒失裂纹顶部 10 你应该预留我现货

EN: Till then, I play the strip club and ? rocking
ZH: 在那之前我玩脱衣舞俱乐部和吗?摇摆

EN: So when life flash before my eyes, it’s all worth watching
ZH: 所以生命闪烁时在我的眼前,它是所有值得一看

EN: I’m ’bout honor and respect and boredom just made me rent a condo on the edge
ZH: 我是 ' bout 荣誉和尊重和无聊只是让我租个房子边缘上

EN: If God gave me anything I was hoping for a ?
ZH: 如果上帝给了我什么我所希望的吗?

EN: Try to quit, smoking more, just met her going raw
ZH: 尝试戒烟,吸烟更是,刚认识她去原料

EN: So how could we end up trusting eachother
ZH: 我们怎么能结束信任海誓山盟

EN: When our bond started out with us judging eachother
ZH: 我们的债券时开始与我们判断海誓山盟

EN: Both fronting like yeah, we just fucking each other
ZH: 这两个对开像是的我们只他妈的彼此

EN: But nobody getting fooled while we bluffing each other
ZH: 但没人得到愚弄我们吓唬对方不在时

EN: Got one girl, got too much history with
ZH: 有一个女孩,有太多的历史

EN: Another thats never happy, too much misery with
ZH: 另一种是永远快乐,太多的苦难与

EN: Another that’ll gussle shots til she literally sick
ZH: 另一种会直到她恶心 gussle 镜头

EN: And another that only text me to say “give me some dick”
ZH: 和另一个文本只让我说"给我一些迪克"

EN: I swear, how could you ever say Joe went soft
ZH: 我发誓,怎么能过说乔走软

EN: When if I tell you my problems, you think I’m showing off
ZH: 当我告诉你是我的问题,如果你认为我炫耀

EN: I keep it quiet, it’s all covered at my end
ZH: 保持安静,它涵盖在我结束时

EN: My quality of life is pretty high end
ZH: 我的生活质量是相当高的结束