Joe Budden - Ayo (feat. Emanny) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Emanny - Chorus]
, Ever felt like the World’s on your back and you need some love say AYO
, And...
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Joe Budden - Ayo (feat. Emanny) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Emanny - Chorus]
ZH: [Emanny-合唱]

EN: Ever felt like the World’s on your back and you need some love say AYO
ZH: 世界在你和你的背上没有感觉过需要爱说青年吗

EN: And its hard to keep your life intact while they holdnig yo back, scream AYO
ZH: 难保持你的生活虽然他们 holdnig 哟回来,尖叫青年

EN: When enough is enough and it feels like
ZH: 当够了就是够和它感觉就像

EN: No matter what you do, nothing ever goes right
ZH: 不管你做什么,什么都不会去右

EN: If you feel like me, let me here you say AYO
ZH: 如果你觉得像我这样,让我在这里你说青年

EN: [Joe Budden]
ZH: [乔士]

EN: Nah, it aint pills
ZH: 不,它不是药

EN: So if I aint myself as of late it relates to another ordeal
ZH: 因此,如果我不是我自己因为晚它涉及到另一个考验

EN: Don’t suggest out ya mouth that maybe I’m stressed out or its God tryna test Mouse
ZH: 不建议的出震遐嘴我紧张了,也许或其神最潇洒测试鼠标

EN: Everything about me is changing and its new to me
ZH: 关于我的一切正在发生变化的和其全新的我

EN: I’m 29 going through a new puberty
ZH: 我是 29 经历新的青春期

EN: Unusually the n-ggas that make moves take cues from me and say that I’m acting real foolishly
ZH: 藤黄总 n-酸,使移动异常地抢走我的提示和说我真正愚蠢地行动

EN: Well let me just explain my state
ZH: 好让我解释我的状态

EN: I’m thinking at whole nother rate
ZH: 我想那就大错特错的速度

EN: I hungry but I’m ordering with my eyes so there’s too much on my plate
ZH: 我饿了,但我用我的眼睛我订货,所以有太多关于我的盘子

EN: Which means I can’t digest what I just ate
ZH: 这就意味着我不能消化吃什么只是

EN: Wait, I’m paying too much, stop me or pop me for oxy?
ZH: 等一下,我付钱太多、 阻止我或流行音乐我为氧吗?

EN: I’m not me, will somebody stop me or copy
ZH: 我不是我,有人会停止我或复制

EN: And tell calm down n-gga, relax
ZH: 并告诉 n gga 冷静、 放松

EN: I tell em calm down let me relapse
ZH: 我告诉 em 冷静让我复发

EN: [Emanny - Chorus]
ZH: [Emanny-合唱]

EN: [Joe Budden - Verse 2]
ZH: [乔士-2 节]

EN: Yo, they telling me, the change is significant
ZH: 哟,他们告诉我,变化是很大

EN: Standing in the front but can’t see what they witnessing
ZH: 站在最前面的但不能看到什么他们目睹

EN: I’m tryna take criminals, litigants, goon type n-ggas and turn em into business men
ZH: 我最潇洒带罪犯、 诉讼当事人、 君类型 n 藤黄总酸和 em 变成商务男士

EN: Change thinking patterns, give em business sense
ZH: 改变思维模式,给 em 的商业意识

EN: Make ‘em model citizens, hang me if it’s a sin
ZH: 让他们模范公民,如果它是一种罪恶我挂

EN: Watch the cash come, patience I’m past
ZH: 手表现金来,我过去的耐心

EN: I’m tryna create demand for a girl who never had none
ZH: 我最潇洒创造需求的女孩从来都不

EN: Be more bright, you fighting me all night
ZH: 会更明亮,你打架我一整夜

EN: We’ll if I died tomorrow I’mma make sure you be alright
ZH: 如果我明天死我来我们会确保你没事

EN: Turn students in to teachers, followers to leaders
ZH: 把学生交给教师,对领导人的追随者

EN: But I strain my arm the further I try to reach it
ZH: 但我应变的手臂的进一步努力它

EN: Don’t mis-read it, I aint book smart but lets stay on the same page, let me be the bookmark
ZH: 误不读它,我不是预订智能,但让我们呆在同一页上,让我成为该书签

EN: I know more, I can’t take no more so I show more
ZH: 我知道更多,我不能再这样显示更多

EN: I kill me so you can have anything you hope for
ZH: 我杀了我,所以你可以得到任何你希望的

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Joe Budden - Verse 2]
ZH: [乔士-2 节]

EN: Ay, you ever try pulling a hat trick without magic
ZH: 唉,你试过拉没有魔法帽子戏法

EN: Shit, I’m doing outta habit, it’s outta habit
ZH: 妈的我做离开的习惯,是离开的习惯

EN: Cause I’ll flair up, high temper I’ll react quick
ZH: 我会了,我的反应会快速的高脾气的天才的原因

EN: And go and try to fist fight a n-gga without a ratchet
ZH: 转到并尝试拳战斗无棘轮 n gga

EN: It’s funny, we all go and ask for wealth
ZH: 搞笑的是,我们都去,要求为财富

EN: But won’t none of us, ask for help
ZH: 但不会没有的我们,请求帮助

EN: Well maybe I need to get some
ZH: 嗯,也许我需要买一些

EN: And I’m like f-ck giving n-gga’s a fish
ZH: 我就像 f-ck 给 n gga 是一种鱼

EN: Follow me and I’mma teach you how to get one
ZH: 跟着我,我来教你如何得到一个

EN: Still they tell me I’m delusional
ZH: 还是他们告诉我我有妄想症

EN: But there’s other n-ggas under this illusion too
ZH: 但也有其他 n-藤黄总酸下这种幻觉

EN: It’s Karma catching up and mis-using dudes
ZH: 这是业力赶超和不当使用的家伙

EN: I can’t think straight, look at what confusion’ll do
ZH: 我无法想象直,看看哪些混乱会做

EN: So I sink my knees in the floor
ZH: 所以我沉下去我的膝盖在楼

EN: Gotta be something new gotta be in store?
ZH: 要将新的东西要在存储区中吗?

EN: I make bored outta bad hand
ZH: 我做坏的手离开钻孔灌注

EN: Trust me I got an exact plan
ZH: 信任我确切的计划

EN: I’m a genius not a mad man
ZH: 我是天才不是疯狂的男人

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]