JoJo - Keep On Keepin On lyrics

Ooooo, Ooooo
Hey, Yeeeah, Yeah

You've got to keep on keepin' on
You've got to keep your head up high
You've got to work with what you got
And someday you will fly...

Verse 1:
Poor kids pouring cold water in their cereal
Second hand clothes
Surviving is pivotal
Praying to God at night
That things will get better sooon...

I remember when i was in your position
Try to tell people my story but no one would really listen
I know times are hard right now
Happiness is hard to find right now

Chorus 2x

Verse 2:
Looking out the window to a rose that grows in concrete
Dreamin' of the day when you'll be standin' on your own feet
Hard to find a good in such a scene so bad (scene so sad)

Seein' other kids with their Tims on
Fresh with Air Ones, wish i had one
Longin for a day when you get your chance to shine
Don't worry there'll come a time...

Chorus 2x

Young girl sitting on the steps of her duplex (hmmm)
Why did God choose to make my life so complex?
Breathing to the beat of slow sad drum
Trouble is her only source of fun
I can almost guarantee you it will get better sooon...

Chorus 2x & (Jojo Vocals)