Jinx - Original Sin lyrics

Hey listen up, I haven't seen you in a while, come walk
You been around, I know you're hearing things, we got to talk
You shouldn't listen, don't believe everything they say
I'm gonna tell you, tell you, tell you the facts my way

I been living on the road for just about a year
I went all over the place, and ended up back here
I see enough green paper, and I get the gist
But there's an open window and I can't resist

And don't pretend you got the inner eye
I seen you watching the news all night
Don't lie, lie

I got a lot of friends who used to play my game
But now they're living the good life, so they claim
I got a lot of people itching for my skin
I got a shot glass full of original sin

Now I'm evading the law in the City of Doubt
And I discovered the way in ain't the way out
I got to, got to, got to keep my ear to the ground
I got to keep on running so I won't be found

I've fallen down so low I finally reached the top
Nobody wants me, but nobody wants me to stop
I could go on forever with nothing to say
I'm just a million miles and a breath away