Jimi Blue - Closet lyrics

In the closet, here we go here we go
in the closet, we lose control
in the closet, take off your top
in the closet, closet closet closet
in the closet there we go there we go
in the closet , i wanna give yu some more
in the closet , baby take off your skirt
in the closet, it' s time for privacy

Vers 1
i wanna smack that
i know you like that
i push the right button
i don't need high - tec
technology baby watch and see
I' m a real player
You don't need a low battarie
i got the tecnic
bring you on your knees
you are a high klass mummy
You're a poerty
i wanna freak you here
i wanna freak you there


touch baby ,go
squeeze baby , go
show me what you got
i know you wanna scream for more
crawl baby (ah)
on the floor dirty (ah)
i take my time baby
let's get wild

Verse 2

Abra Kadabra hokus pokus
see your tight jeans
and i keep on focus
i can't take my eyes of you
you're a dejavu
you got the right spot
tell me what you wanna do
oh you wanna play ( whua whua)
you scratch my back and say ( whua whua)
we've got ot a lot of options
but no time to waste
take of your clothes
put your hands on the sealing

Verse 3

It's getting hot and here
now i know that you know
what i mean baby
oh its gettin weird
oh it's getting hot
i know you doin baby
Let's take it to the top