Jim Stafford - The Fight lyrics

There used to be a beer joint, where the workin men would drink
and yell and horse around most every night
there was alway lots of beer and pickled pork and country gals
and always lots of arguments and fights

the owner was a burly man, and he chased most fights outside
to the little parking lot behind the bar
one night i was driving by and i saw a crowd back there
so i drove around and got out of my car

they were woopin and they were hollerin they were packed in so tight
they wouldn’t break that circle for no one
So i climbed up on top of my car to give myself the view
so i could see the center of their fun

well the 2 guys who was fighting were so different in size
that i found myself laughing with the crowd
one was just as big and mean as any man i’ve ever seen
the other was was the kind that‘s small and proud

The little man hauled off and hit that big man with all he had
Hit him harder than any body thought he might
And big guy lost his balance, fell back and bumped his head
and He got up slow and oh the crowd got quiet

he just lumbered over and hit that little man up side his head
so hard i swear i heard a crack
but the little fella didn’t fall, he just weaved and groaned a bit
and just stood there a human punchin sack

that little fella’s arms hung helpless at his sides
as the big man pounded off on his head
and his legs began to buckle as he sunk down to his knees
and the whole crowd knowed that soon he would be dead

as that big guy just pounded away i saw the strangest thing
the hand of that little man began to move
and it slipped into his pocket where it found an equalizer
that before this night was just a whittling tool

with a soulful rolling motion that little fella made a sweep
and caught the big guy clean across the gut
and the big man started screaming grabbed himself and tried to run
but fell and died before his eyes would shut

well the little man was unconscious and near death for many days
and when he came to he would not believe
while on his knees unconscious his hands had killed a man
and to this day he thinks he’s been deceived