Jim Morrison - Roadhouse Rap lyrics

Hey gentlemens, gentlemens

Now the subject of this song is, uh,
something all of you have seen
one time or another, it's an old roadhouse

ahh we're down in the south, or in the midwest,
or maybe on the way to Bakersfield

and we're, we're drivin' in a '57 chevy
to an old roadhouse, can you dig it?

You know, it's about uhh 1:30
and we're not driving too fast,
but we're not driving too slow either

We've got a six pack of beer in the car,
a few joints, and we're just ahh listening
to the radio and driving to the old
roadhouse, through nature, dig it?

Well, I want to tell you people about
something I know . . .
Money beats soul, every time . . . C'mon