Jim Kweskin - That's When I'll Come Back To You lyrics


Now, daddy, I'll treat you right
And promise never to fight
If you'll only come back to me.

Well, I'll work hard every day
And you can have all of my pay
If you'll only try and agree.

Well, you can knock me down
Knock me up and even kick me
Or black both my eyes
But, daddy, please, don't you quit me.

I will rub and scrub and eat the suds
If you'll only come back to me, sweet papa.

Now darlin', when the rain turns the snow and it's ninety below
That's when I'll come back to you
When I'm hungry and I'm dying
And I'm starving and there are no shoes on my feet
Well, then maybe I'll cogitate over your veritability. HA!

Now you may have found some other cat
Oh, I may agree to that
Yes but, darling, you lost your uranium mine,
Your gold mine, your silver mine, your cobalt mine
When you lost me.

Now when box cars are flying around
And when blue turns to brown
Oh, then I might abandon the canyons of my mind
And soar into the air with a storm and dither over you
Darling, you fink!