Jim Jones - No VMA's (feat.  Sen City) lyrics (Chinese translation). | I could it did I like West Coast and all that
, This won’t be seen on your VMA 
, Real nigger...
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Jim Jones - No VMA's (feat. Sen City) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: I could it did I like West Coast and all that
ZH: 我不是做了我像西海岸和所有

EN: This won’t be seen on your VMA
ZH: 这不会看到您 VMA 上

EN: Real nigger hustling in my DNA
ZH: 在我的 DNA 拉客的真正黑鬼

EN: Fly nigger, number three MJ´s
ZH: 飞黑鬼,数字三 MJ´s

EN: And I drop the top, nigger
ZH: 我放顶部,黑鬼

EN: Let ‘em see the way!
ZH: 让他们看到的样子!

EN: Check the rear view, speed away
ZH: 检查后视,速度远

EN: seats are sway, I keep a bay (Keep it down!)
ZH: 位子摇摆,我保持一个海湾 (小声点!)

EN: Matters fact,
ZH: 事项的事实,

EN: I hope that we´ll all ski´s a day
ZH: 我希望那 we´ll 所有 ski´s 一天

EN: Cause we sellin´ snowballs called ... ya
ZH: 导致我们 sellin´ 雪球...称为震遐

EN: Miss the type of life they try to keep away
ZH: 小姐的生活他们试图远离的类型

EN: With due respect by your head so we could pray (A salam)
ZH: 适当尊重你的头,所以我们可以祷告 (salam)

EN: Seven hail marys like a priest would say
ZH: 七万福玛利亚像一个牧师会说

EN: Then drop a bomb on your block maintain jeez a day
ZH: 然后放一个炸弹在你的块上保持天哪一天

EN: You better dug when you hear the spray
ZH: 你更好地挖出当你听到喷雾

EN: hold the mob up, pitcher never get to see the strays
ZH: 举起暴徒、 投手从没去看流浪猫

EN: I thought I’d never get to see the day
ZH: 我以为永远不会看到那天

EN: It’s the type of life I get the previous say!
ZH: 它的生活我得到以前的类型说 !

EN: So whom blood and the bluff?
ZH: 所以人血液和虚张声势?

EN: And I ain’t acting, so it really ain’t nothing (at all)
ZH: 不是表演,所以它真的没什么 (所有)

EN: Get to heal caitiff, niggers just bustin
ZH: 要治愈 caitiff,只是胸前的黑鬼

EN: you need more than pro active if these bullets do touch
ZH: 你需要多临活动,如果这些子弹不要碰

EN: could I get allayed toasted up with the big shot
ZH: 能得到减轻了烤焦的大枪

EN: you know pull the roster up with the whig.. (for real)
ZH: 你知道拉名册上与辉格...(实际情况)

EN: Still loaded eff I got your wig...
ZH: 我有你的假发的仍在加载的 eff......

EN: Bitches lose focus when I kill, let the lig drop
ZH: 母狗失去焦点时我杀了,让放灯

EN: A hundred forty, cool, dirty for the cam
ZH: 六百四十二,很酷,脏凸轮

EN: and use the shit so I drogged it on a tain
ZH: 所以使用屎我 drogged 它在汀

EN: Don’t remind me, is just some shit on my brain
ZH: 不要提醒我,只是有些在我的大脑上拉屎

EN: cheat on stage toss it up like fingers when they bang
ZH: 在舞台上的作弊扔起来像手指时他们邦

EN: And I can’t forget bold over
ZH: 我不能忘记过去加粗

EN: As you don´t cry that it´s all over
ZH: Don´t 作为你哭那所有的 it´s结束

EN: Burn money in this bitch to the mall closer
ZH: 在这个婊子到商场更接近烧钱

EN: hit-wonder call him next ....
ZH: 命中难怪叫他下一步......

EN: uuuuuuuhhhhhhh
ZH: uuuuuuuhhhhhhh