Jim Jones - No VMA's (Vampire Life) (feat. Sen City) (2011)

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Jim Jones - No VMA's (Vampire Life) (feat. Sen City) lyrics

[Jim Jones ]
I could it did I like
West Coast and all that
This won’t be seen on your VMA
Real nigger hustling in my DNA
Fly nigger, number three MJ´s
And I drop the top, nigger
Let ‘em see the way!
Check the rear view, speed away
Seats are sway, I keep a bay (Keep it down!)
Matters fact, I hope that we´ll all ski´s a day
Cause we sellin´ snowballs called ... ya
Miss the type of life they try to keep away
With due respect by your head so we could pray (A salam)
Seven hail marys like a priest would say
Then drop a bomb on your block maintain jeez a day
You better dug when you hear the spray
Hold the mob up, pitcher never get to see the strays
I thought I’d never get to see the day
It’s the type of life I get the previous say!
(What you saying nigger?!)
So whom blood and the bluff?
And I ain’t acting, so it really ain’t nothing (at all)
Get to heal caitiff, niggers just bustin
You need more than pro active if these bullets do touch
Could I get allayed toasted up with the big shot
You know pull the roster up with the whig.. (for real)
Still loaded eff I got your wig...
Bitches lose focus when I kill, let the lig drop

[Sen City]
A hundred forty, cool, dirty for the cam
And use the shit so I drogged it on a tain
Don’t remind me, is just some shit on my brain
Cheat on stage toss it up like fingers when they bang
And I can’t forget bold over
As you don´t cry that it´s all over
Burn money in this bitch to the mall closer
hit-wonder call him next ...