Jim Jones - More Than A Hustler (feat. Sen City) (2010)

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Jim Jones - More Than A Hustler (feat. Sen City) lyrics

Air ones chain gang
king baby chain swing
paparazzi fame brain
we wear guns bang bang
we hustle hard got cane wings
mommas fried plain wings
last time i spilledketchup on the range thing
tell a fly bitch the same thing
who gives a fuck about a champagne stain
bitch im bout cash undastand what im saying
we uptown harlem world
we used to get it now we got em gurl
they drive em in or fly em up
i be riding in or flying out
what im riding in
bitch i gotta fly mouth something you aint riding in
gone head and try em out
we hit the bar we buy em out
we pop champagne til we dry em out
got em breasted tell the dealer gon cut em out
took da top of ma bad i had to slut her out