Jim Jones - Believe In Magic (feat. Lloyd) (2011)

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Jim Jones - Believe In Magic (feat. Lloyd) lyrics

We just having girl talk, small talk, world talk

They said life’s not granted
We don’t sleep nights trying to take advantage,
Who will the hunnies go when the money vanish,
Cause right now they by the pool lookin tannish
I’m by the pool at the bar,(?)
Another drink, I’ll fuck her on my kitchen counter,
I’ll make her feel greater.
She had the Christian Louboutins with the triple sole,
Her girl had Manolo Blahniks with a vicious toe.
She made a joke, like my ring wasn’t worth a bag
She paid fifteen stacks for the Birkin bag
I made a joke like “girl, that’s a bit obsessive!”
And her rebuttal was my game was a bit aggressive.
I drop the top so they could see the presence (get a breeze)
And I check my bbm i just got a message (ping)
It’s hard to party and it’s hard as(?)
So when it’s all said and done, i hope God bless us.
Pray for us!

Ah, like I was saying before
Its either youre politican, or youre bullshittin!
You heard me!
It’s barbeque and mildew
And I got plenty places to barbeque!
I do what the real do!
You heard me!
Break bread or break dead.

You searched me in the club to say I’m troublesome,
Fuck you! (?)where you get that bottom from,
And my first love affair I learned how to(?)
Pretty bitches give me the(?)
(?) what are talking, baby?
What’s the politics on the world talk?

I heard the boss speaking at USA,
We won’t smoke (?) hit the(?)
We keep the pretty(?)
I see you (?) and it all comes to you (?) have patience.
(?)all money gang! The FBI is still tracking me! Fuck ‘em!
I’m still popping shit like(?)
Go see me, and the(?)
I’m still packing(?)
I’m still shown to the block,
This is a one on one all (?)
Get you one!
We call this the(?)
And have your pussy niggers will be(?)
And they say I’m all hater cause I never listen,
(?). I went from heavy whipping to heavy whipping!
And plenty women and lots of champagne.
No I don’t really like sparkles,
But tonight we’re going on with the band,
So bring a lot of sparkles, and you(?) bitches (?)