Jim Jones - Believe In Magic (feat. Lloyd) lyrics (Chinese translation). | We just having girl talk, small talk, world talk
, They said life’s not granted
, We don’t...
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Jim Jones - Believe In Magic (feat. Lloyd) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: We just having girl talk, small talk, world talk
ZH: 我们只有的女孩谈,小小的谈话,世界谈

EN: They said life’s not granted
ZH: 他们说: 生活的不授予

EN: We don’t sleep nights trying to take advantage,
ZH: 我们不睡的夜晚试图利用,

EN: Who will the hunnies go when the money vanish,
ZH: 谁将 hunnies 去当钱消失,

EN: Cause right now they by the pool lookin tannish
ZH: 因为现在他们在游泳池边你 tannish

EN: I’m by the pool at the bar,(?)
ZH: 我是在 bar,(?) 游泳池旁

EN: Another drink, I’ll fuck her on my kitchen counter,
ZH: 再来一杯,我和她干我厨房柜台上

EN: I’ll make her feel greater.
ZH: 我会让她感觉更大。

EN: She had the Christian Louboutins with the triple sole,
ZH: 她曾与第三个唯一,基督徒布托

EN: Her girl had Manolo Blahniks with a vicious toe.
ZH: 她的女儿与一个恶毒的脚趾了一去不返。

EN: She made a joke, like my ring wasn’t worth a bag
ZH: 她说了一个笑话,就像我的戒指不值得一袋

EN: She paid fifteen stacks for the Birkin bag
ZH: 她支付十五个堆栈的 Birkin 包

EN: I made a joke like “girl, that’s a bit obsessive!”
ZH: 我说了一个笑话像"姑娘,就是有点过分了!"

EN: And her rebuttal was my game was a bit aggressive.
ZH: 她反驳是我的游戏是有点咄咄逼人。

EN: I drop the top so they could see the presence (get a breeze)
ZH: 我放下顶部,这样他们能看到的存在 (get 微风)

EN: And I check my bbm i just got a message (ping)
ZH: 我看看我刚 (ping) 的消息我 bbm

EN: It’s hard to party and it’s hard as(?)
ZH: 方很难和它是硬 as(?)

EN: So when it’s all said and done, i hope God bless us.
ZH: 所以,当它所有已说和做,我希望上帝保佑我们。

EN: Pray for us!
ZH: 请为我们祈祷 !

EN: Ah, like I was saying before
ZH: 如我所说的前啊,

EN: Its either youre politican, or youre bullshittin!
ZH: 它或者你是政客,或者你是 bullshittin!

EN: You heard me!
ZH: 你听说过我 !

EN: It’s barbeque and mildew
ZH: 它的烧烤和防霉

EN: And I got plenty places to barbeque!
ZH: 还有很多地方对烧烤 !

EN: I do what the real do!
ZH: 我做什么真正的做 !

EN: You heard me!
ZH: 你听说过我 !

EN: Break bread or break dead.
ZH: 打破面包或打破死了。

EN: You searched me in the club to say I’m troublesome,
ZH: 你搜索我的俱乐部,说我很麻烦,

EN: Fuck you! (?)where you get that bottom from,
ZH: 去你!(?)你在哪里,从那底部

EN: And my first love affair I learned how to(?)
ZH: 我的初恋情人我学到了如何 to(?)

EN: Pretty bitches give me the(?)
ZH: 漂亮的母狗给我 the(?)

EN: (?) what are talking, baby?
ZH: (?)在说什么,宝贝?

EN: What’s the politics on the world talk?
ZH: 在政治上的世界话题是什么?

EN: I heard the boss speaking at USA,
ZH: 我听到老板在美国,

EN: We won’t smoke (?) hit the(?)
ZH: 我们不会抽烟 (?) 打 the(?)

EN: We keep the pretty(?)
ZH: 我们保持 pretty(?)

EN: I see you (?) and it all comes to you (?) have patience.
ZH: 我看到你 (?) 和它所有来到你 (?) 有耐心。

EN: (?)all money gang! The FBI is still tracking me! Fuck ‘em!
ZH: (?)所有的钱帮 !联邦调查局仍跟踪我 !操他们 !

EN: I’m still popping shit like(?)
ZH: 我还会来屎 like(?)

EN: Go see me, and the(?)
ZH: 去看看我,和 the(?)

EN: I’m still packing(?)
ZH: 我仍是 packing(?)

EN: I’m still shown to the block,
ZH: 我仍然所示的块的

EN: This is a one on one all (?)
ZH: 这是一个关于一个所有 (?)

EN: Get you one!
ZH: 给你一条 !

EN: We call this the(?)
ZH: 我们称此 the(?)

EN: And have your pussy niggers will be(?)
ZH: 有你的猫黑鬼会 be(?)

EN: And they say I’m all hater cause I never listen,
ZH: 他们说我是所有怀恨在心原因我不听

EN: (?). I went from heavy whipping to heavy whipping!
ZH: (?).我从重型鞭打去重鞭刑 !

EN: And plenty women and lots of champagne.
ZH: 多妇女和很多的香槟。

EN: No I don’t really like sparkles,
ZH: 不,我不太喜欢的裙子,

EN: But tonight we’re going on with the band,
ZH: 但今晚我们要在乐队,

EN: So bring a lot of sparkles, and you(?) bitches (?)
ZH: 所以要带很多火花和颓废的母狗 (?)