Jill Barber - Goodnight Sweetheart lyrics

Goodnight sweetheart
I'm gonna sleep
Sleep in your arms
Until morning creeps

'Cause tonight, sweetheart
The last time I'll hear
You whisper softly
Goodnight in my ear

And by the time I wake
You'll be long gone on your way
And I won't have to say

'Cause one your love, sweetheart
Slipped out like a sigh
But lately you think twice
Why you bother to try

I think we both know
That you've made up your mind
So just say the words
Please don't try to be kind

And now my eyes are closed and tired
Our love is out of my sight
And you'll stay with me all through the night

And if I should see you
When I'm old and I'm gray
You've long since forgotten
Even my name

I may recall a dream
From a time long before
Where you were my sweetheart
But now nevermore