Jewel - Stand lyrics (Chinese translation). | Walk in a corner shop
, See a shoplifting cop
, See the old lady with a gun
, See the hero try to...
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Jewel - Stand (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Walk in a corner shop
ZH: 走在街头一家店

EN: See a shoplifting cop
ZH: 看到警察行窃

EN: See the old lady with a gun
ZH: 见老太太用枪

EN: See the hero try to run
ZH: 看到尝试运行的英雄

EN: Nothing's what it seems, I mean
ZH: 它看起来是没有,我的意思是

EN: It's not all dirty, but it's not all clean
ZH: 不是所有脏,但不是所有清洁

EN: There's children paying bills
ZH: 有孩子在买单

EN: There's monks buying thrills
ZH: 有僧人买惊险刺激

EN: There's pride for sale in magazines
ZH: 有出售在杂志中的骄傲

EN: There's pills for rent to make you clean
ZH: 有的租金让你吃药清洁

EN: Marvin Gaye, there's no brother, brother
ZH: 马文 · 盖伊有没有兄弟,兄弟

EN: Woody Guthrie's land can't feed Mother
ZH: Woody Guthrie 土地无法养活母亲

ZH: [合唱]

EN: Mothers weep, children sleep
ZH: 母亲们哭泣,儿童睡眠

EN: So much violence ends in silence
ZH: 这么多的暴力在沉默中结束

EN: It's a shame there's no one to blame
ZH: 它有遗憾的是没有人要怪

EN: For all the pain that life brings
ZH: 对于所有的痛苦,生活带来

EN: If you will just take me It might just complete me
ZH: 如果你只是将带我可能只是完成我

EN: And together we can make a stand
ZH: 我们在一起可以使一个立场

EN: A waitress brings me lunch
ZH: 一个女服务员给我带来了午餐

EN: We meet but do not touch
ZH: 我们满足但请勿触摸

EN: On TV, D.C. is selling lies
ZH: 上电视,特区卖的谎言

EN: While in the corner, King's dream dies
ZH: 在角,国王的梦想死

EN: Go to the counter, pay for me and my friend
ZH: 走到柜台,薪酬为我和我的朋友

EN: A homeless man pulls out a roll, says it's on him
ZH: 无家可归的人拿出一叠,说这是他

EN: The mayor has no cash
ZH: 市长有没有现金

EN: He said he spent it on hookers and hash
ZH: 他说,他花在吃喝嫖赌上

ZH: [合唱]

EN: you will love me, I will love you
ZH: 你会爱我,我会爱你

ZH: [合唱]