Jettison - Chasing Amy lyrics

Someday I hope I drive your street a thousand times, memorizing every gutter, every painted line, and I marked you on my callendar, cause it took four years to switch off all my nerves, and still my stomach turns. Well just say it's ok to say anything. Will my heart fall apart when you say anything? Did you know how I felt about everything? Well say anything. Well somehow we might find a way, cutting out our only loose ends, maybe one day, one day you might fall away. Out of sight, so out of mind. It's killing me. Writing down the words I wish I could say. And my phone won't ring again without you, never broken but it always seems that way. Putting thought back into conversation. I'm giving up on planning things to say. We're like a story without any words on the page. Say anything. Falling in love with the sound of your voice. Say anything. A sotry I hope hasn't come to an end. Say anything. Falling in love was just never a choice. Say anything.