Jethro Tull - Rover lyrics

I chase your every footstep and I follow every whim.
When you call the tune I'm ready to strike up the battle hymn.
My lady of the meadows ---
My comber of the beach ---
You've thrown the stick for your dog's trick but it's floating out of reach.
The long road is a rainbow and the pot of gold lies there.
So slip the chain and I'm off again ---
You'll find me everywhere. I'm a Rover.

As the robin craves the summer to hide his smock of red,
I need the pillow of your hair in which to hide my head.
I'm simple in my sadness, resourceful in remorse.
Then I'm down straining at the lead ---
Holding on a windward course.

Strip me from the bundle of balloons at every fair:
Colourful and carefree ---
Designed to make you stare.
But I'm lost and I'm losing the thread that holds me down.
And I'm up hot and rising in the lights of every town.