Jet Set Satellite - If Not Now Never lyrics

It happened on the day she spoke too soon
I'd gone before but only left the room
Oh no, please don't
Before I leave, I think I'll steal a kiss
Wear your memory upon my lips
Goodbye, I'll write
Kept me chained up here for far too long
My trusty guitar and a travellin' song
Is all I want

If you were to turn away
There's nothing left for me to say
I've made my hell and now
For once, I'm feeling brave somehow
I think I'm finally on my way

I survived another sleepless night
A full moon blanket and the sheets pulled tight
All doom and gloom
Tried to skip takin' the long way around
An empty shortcut's the only thing I found
I know you know

Break my back another day
'Cause this one's far too blue to stay
Give me half a chance
To bounce right back from circumstance
I think I'm finally on my way