Jesse Mc'cartney - What's Your Name? lyrics

Ho, ho, uh, uh

I turn around, you're there again
And suddenly you're gone
I wanna get to know you
But I don't know who you are
You're the kinda girl
Who'll make me start to lose my mind
I wanna get together
But you're oh, so hard to find

I see you when I'm at the Starbucks
As you're walkin' out the door
I see you when I'm renting movies
When you're leaving the store
I need an opportunity
There's something I want to ask
I never seem to ever get the chance

What's your name
What's your name
Oh, I really wanna know
You've got me goin' crazy
And I want you more and more
Oh hey, this could be something real
I've gotta let you know the way I feel
What's your name
What's your name
Oh, I really wanna know
Cause every time I get there
That it's right before you go
Oh hey, if only you could see
I wanna get to know you
And to get you knowing me

I see you at the mall
You're hangin' out with all your friends
I'm ready, gonna make my move
You go before I get the chance
You know you got me trippin'
Thinkin' 'bout you day and night
But I can't get to know you
If you don't know I'm alive

I see you when you're at the beach
You know, you're loading up the car
I see you when I'm at the concert
Then the lights go dark
There's something I've gotta find out
If I ever get the chance
There's only three words I wanna ask


Oh, oh yeah, no, no, no, no
Oh, now wait up
Oh no, don't go away now
Too late, I missed your name girl
Oh no, don't go please
'Cause I'm the one you need

Oh no, don't go
I've got to tell you
How bad I want ya
All I need is a chance
So give me an opportunity to ask

Chorus 2X

What's your name
What's your name, girl
Oooh, oooh yeah

Woo, that's it
Ladies goodnight