Jesse Boykins III - Indie Girls (feat. Kilo Kish & Little Simz) (Bartholomew Mixtape) (2016)

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Jesse Boykins III - Indie Girls (feat. Kilo Kish & Little Simz) (Bartholomew Mixtape) lyrics

[Spoken: Jesse Boykins III]
BARTHOLOMEW raps, take one
Alright, maybe like, take three, but....
Just listen, just listen

[Intro: Kilo Kish + Jesse Boykins III]
Once upon a time there was a young prince named BARTHOLOMEW
And every little lady around his way, yeah, they wanted to
Lock down but little did they know he was chasing the girl he couldn't have
Then one day, that prince, yeah, he turned into a king, and now he's free at last
[Verse 1: Jesse Boykins III + Trinidad James]
It's funny how you could say, wait
Whatever you feel to say, say
It's funny how you could do, do
So much crazy shit on mushrooms, oh Lord
No I never been the one to be discouraged, nah
From loving you, nah
No matter what you do, uh, uh, yeah
No I never been the one to ever run away, what?
From, from your truth, oh Lord
I know you, know you, know, you, know you
I love when we get real high, higher than a mothafucka
Start seeing the purple in the sky, you higher than a mothafucka shawty
I like how you smile so much, hahaha, yeah, what
I would eat her in every lunch, you want pizza or kale salad? Yeah

[Interlude: Jesse Boykins III]
No I never been the one to be discouraged from loving you
While you're learning you
And I never been the one to just run away
Or play hide and seek
From my reality and your dreams, dreams, dreams

[Verse 2: Little Simz]
Oh, shame he didn't know how the story ended
The lies I'm not impressed with, I'm not the one to mess with
Mind is free of all things, we are soul connected
All of me invested, only a fool would test this
If you're tryna be cool, forget it, independence I need
Don't be skeptical, don't pretend you can't see
I am in need of more you and you are in lust of all me
What is meant to might be
Indecisive, more time, man I drive myself crazy
Told the universe "Save me" only way to find peace
Is when I'm a hundred percent free

[Outro: Kilo Kish + Jesse Boykins III]
Depending on a lunar eclipse
Depending on the touch of your lips
Depending on the movement of our hips
Depending on if we had a few
Depending on if I had a good meal
Depending on her like I need her
Depending on her like she's the girl
Of, of my dreams