Jerusalem - The Wind Is Blowing lyrics

The wind is blowin' in my life
Putting miles between now and all that's been
I can feel
A stronger power, that's taken all control
I can't see
All that lies in store, but I will go

I'm on my way
Can't stop me now

Straining every weary part
Makin' a new start, I've left the shore behind
What a day
Abandoned all the fears, that kept me bound
On my way
Lookin' out for yet unconquered ground

I'm on my way...

Nothing here can now distract
I'm not turning back
It's a steady wind that blows
I can see
A treasure there, that makes it worth my all
And I know
This breath of life will always fill my soul

I'm on my way, I'm under way
Can't stop me now