Jerusalem - Maybe lyrics

Maybe you die later
Maybe you die soon
Maybe as a rich man
Maybe as a poor
But all the gold and silver, all that you did save
Goes to dust and ashes, when you are in the grave

But, I am asking, what is the meaning of our lives today
It seems more like as time and money are more valued
I would say!
There's talk of self sacrifice and
There's talk of the solidarity
But I must say this,
This is hypocrisy to me
Yes, I am a Christian, but don't expect a real saint
But when I gave my life to Jesus
I knew my life was right

It Might be even better
It might be even worse
We always have to learn that
A fight is always worth
But all the gold and silver...

What can You do, when words no longer
Have the right effect.
'Cause action tells us more than thousand words
Of all that listen, some will se this fact.
Who cares about solidarity and
Who cares about our Lord Jesus
When you spend your whole time
//:To care just only for yourself://