Jerusalem - Look In Your Bible lyrics

I have no intention to argue
If the word of God can be true
If you really want something better
There is something you have to do
What you need to find you will find it
In the book that is number one
Start to turn the pages and seek
God sill always stick to His word...
Read a little bit everyday,
If you will survive,
This is the only way

Look in your Bible
There must be one around
And if there's not one on your shelf
Go and get yourself one

Yeah, many people read all kinds of things
With eyeballs bigger than plates
And they mean the Bible is boring
Ignorance will be their mistake
Who cares what Jesus has said?
Who wants to know what Jesus did say...?

Look in your Bible...

Take up your Bible
Must check it out and see
If Jesus spoke the truth,
If words can set you free