Jerusalem - Heaven lyrics

You told us to believe,
Just simply to believe
In you and what you said
And seek the music that's from heaven...

Tones that are pure from heart
Where it's no more about
To give man your place
And bringing glory to ourselves...

The secrets that you speak
It is for those who seek
The treasures that this world can't give
And leave those lousy wells forever...

A brand new melody
To be released and free
Through this prophecy...

Let your kingdom come
Let it come here to us now
Manifasted now
Among brokened hearts
To walk the streets of peace
And where all is totally complete in...

I'm seeking, I'm seeking
I want the music from heaven
I want it

That's where my Daddy lives
And He's the one who gives...
Hear the music that fills our hearts with joy and peace
And you and I are totally free
From bringing glory to ourselves
No more drinking from those lousy wells
And we will hear things we've never heard before
A new heart, a new sound, a new song, from heaven....