Jerry Vale - My Love Forgive Me

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Jerry Vale - My Love Forgive Me lyrics

My love, forgive me,
I didn't mean to have it end like this,
I didn't mean to have you fall in love,
in love with me.
My love, please kiss me,
arrivederci amore, kiss me,
remember when we part, you'll have my heart,
I love you so!
It was just a slight flirtation,
that was all it was to be.
How could I know this fascination
would turn to love for you and me.
How to tell you of my heartache?
How to tell you I'm not free?
How can I bear to see your heart break,
to see your heart break over me.
Amore scusami se sto piangendo Amore scusami, (set s-toe pon-gendo)
ma ho capito che lasciandoti (ma hoe cap-pee-toe khe la-shan-doe-tee)
io soffriro, ( yo soo-free-o)
Amore baciami, arrivederci amore baciami, (ba-cha-me)
e se mi penserai ricordati che amo te. ( eh seh me pen-zer-aye re-cor-dat-tee khe a-mo tee)
I love so, I love so!