Jerry Leger - Truth Is All Around You lyrics

Come to me, brother
Say it to my face
Leaving here tomorrow
Telling me today
They got you running
Say this ain't your kind of place
The truth is all around you
Which one you gonna take?

They have dirt in their smiles
Have money to burn
Real back patters
With names you never learn
I'm gonna leave all those kittens alone
The truth's all around you
You never wanna take them home

Door flings open
Wind blows strong
I have a good imagination

Don't have to think so long and hard
Looking out the window
Working at the old hardware store
Twenty-five feels a lot like twenty-four
I always sit by myself
I guess I just don't fit in
The truth's all around you
But where do I begin?

I cheat, I stumble
Into rooms of regret
I gamble my emotions
On a dollar store deck
I lied when I told you
I knew right from going wrong
The truth was all around you
But now it's gone, gone, gone