Jerome's Dream - Meathook Up My Rectum lyrics

The meathook of randall terry plowed up my rectum agh! the snout of jesse helms fouling everything i read agh! gored by the pmrc parental advisory clean white songs for mommy or you're banned in the u.s.a. agh! such a pain in the ass a big fist of cement with joe mccarthy's name attached a lair of white bread worms gnaws my spine is that a cattle prod in your pocket or are you just glad to see me? agh! desires tied in knots of pain tighter, tighter, going insane agh! afraid to think afraid to screw i hear batwings in our bedroom voila! there they are- bloodsuckers for decency vampires on the take world's fattest rattlesnakes moving closer to the kill where have i seen those eyes? i hate their god and it hates me a cop up in heaven raining holy-roller hell on earth one by one fish hooks creep in five year mission to get under your skin wrap around your brain and stem pull your soul apart from within inside inside they bite my mind bite my mind bite my mind bite my mind out of the closet into the fire zero tolerance for life will i ever feel free to be free...?