Jerky Boys - Rosine Likes Balloons lyrics

Reciever 1: ***** Markets
Caller (Rosine): Do you you have balloons?
R:YeNo (kinda of inbetween yes and no)
C: Y..Y..You don't have balloons?
R: You what?
C: You guys don't make balloons?
R: Yeah
C: So can i order balloons from you?
R: No, you have to come in.
C: Do you have any lobsters?
R: Hold on one second... (Puts him on hold)
Reciever 2: Hello?
C: Hello?
R2: Yeah can I help ya?
C: Yes, I'm looking for ballons.
R2: Ok. What kind?
C: I like the balloons, the blue big brown balloons.
R2: Sure!
C: I like to blow them up and than let the air out..
R2: Oh, come on in and you can do that.
C: How many could I touch and lick?
R2: As many as you want. You can touch and lick em' all.
C: I like those balloons those ballons are nice too.
R2: Whatever you wanna do man.
C: I likeded that shit we drink that shit.
R2: Whatever you wanna do bro.
C: I like to eat lobster too.
R2: Ok, you can eat lobster.
C: I used to eat... I used to order lobsters n' shit.(R2: Yeah) And I wouldn't eat that shit, I'd lick that shit. (R2: You'd lick it huh.) And then I slap-ded that shit right off my table. (long pause) That shit was good.
R2: Yeah.
C: I slap-ded that shit.. (R2: alright man see ya later.) Right. (Hangs up)
(Jerky Boys crew chuckles)