Jeri Bourrous - If I Could lyrics

I've gone and said something stupid again
I know I've ruined the whole day's plans
But I had to get this off my chest

So now
I've told you what I'm feeling
I know you thought time would heal things
But problems don't just disappear

Go ahead
Say that I don't know what I'm talking about
Say I'm negative and full of doubt
That I can't see how good you are to me

I know
You're a good person and all that mess
But I just don't think I can handle this
I'm falling in too deep

And I would
Make myself stay
If I could
If I could
And I would
Make this go away
If I could
If I could

I'm sorry
I know that you were hoping I'd say something else
I know you wish I was more like myself
But thats just not who I am today

I'm sorry
That I wasted your precious time
Most of all I'm sorry you wasted mine
If you can't even listen to me


I hope things progress just fine
I hope you have fun living life
I hope you learn to get by without me
'Cuz I'll be alright