Jeremih - Birthday Sex lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Intro]
, Yeah... (yeah...) yeah...
, [Verse 1]
, It's your birthday so I know you want to ride...
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Jeremih - Birthday Sex (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Intro]
ZH: [介绍]

EN: Yeah... (yeah...) yeah...
ZH: 是......(是的...)是......

EN: [Verse 1]
ZH: [第 1 节]

EN: It's your birthday so I know you want to ride out
ZH: 它是你的生日,所以您想骑

EN: Even if we only go to my house
ZH: 即使我们只去我的房子

EN: Sip more weezy as we sit upon my couch
ZH: Sip 更多 weezy 作为我们坐在我的沙发

EN: Feels good but I know you want to cry out....
ZH: 感觉很好,但我知道你想要哭出声来......

EN: You say you want passion (I think you found it)
ZH: 你说你想要的激情 (我觉得你找到它)

EN: Get ready for action (don't be astounded)
ZH: 准备好采取行动 (别惊讶)

EN: We switching positions (you feel surrounded)
ZH: 我们开关的位置 (你感觉包围)

EN: Just tell me where you want your gift girl...
ZH: 只是告诉我,你想要你的礼物女孩......

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: Girl you know III [x2]
ZH: 女孩你知道三 [x 2]

EN: I've been feening
ZH: 我去过 feening

EN: Woke up in the late night been dreaming about your loving
ZH: 在深夜中醒来一直梦想着你的爱

EN: Girl you know III [x2]
ZH: 女孩你知道三 [x 2]

EN: Don't need candles and cake
ZH: 不需要蜡烛和蛋糕

EN: Just need your body to make good...
ZH: 只被需要你的身体,使好......

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: Birthday sex [x2] (it's the best day of the year girl)
ZH: (它是年女孩的最好的一天) 的性别生日 [x 2]

EN: Birthday sex [x2] (if hes not, he's not, lemme hit that g-spot, g-spot girl...)
ZH: 生日性别 [x 2] (如果住户开支统计调查不,他不是,让我打那个 g 点、 g 点的女孩......)

EN: [Verse 2]
ZH: [第 2 节]

EN: See you sexy in them jeans got me on ten
ZH: 看看你在他们的牛仔裤性感我上十

EN: 1,2,3, think I got you pinned
ZH: 1 2、 3,想想我给你固定

EN: Don't tap out fighting til' the end
ZH: 不出战斗直到点击 ' 结束了

EN: Ring that bell and we gone start over again
ZH: 圆环那铃声和我们走了又一次开始

EN: We grinding with passion (cause it's your birthday)
ZH: 我们磨与激情 (原因是你的生日)

EN: Been at it for hours (I know you thirsty)
ZH: 已在它几个小时 (我知道你渴了)

EN: You kiss me so sweetly (taste just like Hershey's)
ZH: 你如此温柔地亲吻我 (味道就像赫希)

EN: Just tell me how you want your gift girl...
ZH: 告诉我如何你想要你的礼物的女孩......

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Bridge]
ZH: [桥]

EN: First I'm gonna take a dive into the water
ZH: 先采取俯冲入水

EN: Deep until I know I please that body,body, (aooh)
ZH: 深直到我知道我请那身体,身体,(嗷嗷叫)

EN: Or girl without a broom I might just sweep you off your feet and make you wanna tell somebody, somebody, (how I do)
ZH: 或没有我可能只是把你扫掉你的脚和使您想要告诉别人,一把扫帚的女孩有人,(如何我做)

EN: Or maybe we can float on top my water bed (bed)
ZH: 也许我们可以在上面飘我水床 (床) 或

EN: You close your eyes as I improve between your legs (your legs)
ZH: 你闭上眼睛,随着我的改进 (你的双腿) 两腿之间

EN: We work our way from kitchen stoves and tables
ZH: 我们的工作我们从厨房炉灶和表的方式

EN: Girl you know I'm more than able to please... Yea
ZH: 女孩你知道我多能够请......是

EN: You say you wanted flowers on the bed...
ZH: 你说你想要在床上的花......

EN: But you got me and now it's on again...
ZH: 但是你让我,现在它就在再次......

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]