Jennifer Stille - Lord Jesus Help Thee lyrics

Jesus has tought me to rejoice my self.
He has tought me to for give my sins today.
H said to leave the bad past behind.
Jesus said to me remeber all the good you've done for your self and every one else.
Dont be afraid to show the fear and all the pian.
You'll know that I will be by your side.

Let jesus shine the light on you.
Let him tell you all your prayers will come ture.
Jesus your savior, your father, Will bring you thorugh.
Let lord juses christ show you the way.
Bring you to riciousness.
Let the great Lord Jesus be a part of you.
Never let him die.
Keep our great juses alive inside your heart.

Jesus Christ died for our sins on the corss.
He took our punishment to keep us alive.
Lord Jesus knew he ahd to make a sacrifice, to keep his people alive.
He showed us how to love.
He showed us faith.
Lord Jesus tought us to believe.
He gave us miricles.
Jesus sent us angels down from hevean to guide us and help us to trust our faith and believe our judgement day.

Lord Jesus Christ our savior is why were here today.
He shows us the way and reminds us to ask him for forgivness of our sins.
So we can be at the Golden gate.
When our Lord Jesus calls our old sweet Name.

When our Lord Jesus Calls our Old sweet name

Old sweet name.